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Why can't I configure my IPv4 using DHCP? I can only do it manually.

For the last 2 wks I can only configure my MacBook Air manually. It just stopped doing it automatically for no known reason. My hub is a BT Hub 6. I call BT most days but they are useless. I can connect to the wifi hub, but what use is this if I cannot access the net?


I have kept the details/numbers I used up until it failed, and can now only connect manually. But after a few hours even this does not work.


I tested my previous BT hub 5 and it connected via DHCP automatically - no problems at all. Surely it must be a hub problem, but as it shows up as connecting to wifi, BT says its not a hub problem. My 6 month old MacBook air is cited at the problem and I have been told to take it back to PC World; the Apple man there said it won't be the mac, and with the old hub working, I believe him.


I have turned off the hub 6 and reset it more than once daily. I have left it switched off overnight. I have gone through the Assist Me feature in Network and it is useless as it just tells me to turn off the device and try again no matter which boxes I tick. I cannot find anything else to do. I need automatic as I'm not savvy enough to rely on my manual figures, and surely thats what an ISP and their router are for.

Any advice is welcomed.

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Re: Why can't I configure my IPv4 using DHCP? I can only do it manually.

The Hub 6 has a lot of problems, and one of them seems to be the DHCP server. It's been seen to allocate duplicate IP addresses, but also to stop working altogether.


Do you have another device on the LAN that could be configured as the DHCP server? A network storage device, or Raspberry Pi perhaps. This way you could turn off the DHCP server on the Hub.



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