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Why can't I get infinity

I switched to BT few weeks ago.  At time of order my cabinet was in scope for infinity so I went ahead and ordered ADSL.  2 days before switch spoke to neighbour who had just ordered fibre as cabinet was now enabled.  I went onto chat with BT and they said that let ADSL go through then we will switch (keeping new customer incentives).


So get phonecall from sales and they try to put order through but it wont accept.  When a search is done on openreach on my number it says I cannot get but cabinet is enabled but if searching on postcode and house number I can.  Was told that this would go to offline team to manually process.  They could not process and said it was probably cabinet was full.


Since then 3 neighbours now have infinity.  I live in terrace and 10 steps from my door (further from exchange) can get fibre but I cannot. 


At wits end - Is there any mod that can help/investigate or point me in direction of someone who can help....Thanks



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Re: Why can't I get infinity

Hi @Mark52 Sorry you were not able to get an order placed for Infinity broadband.


Will you run this checker and post a screenshot of the result. Ps please delete your phone number before you post the screenshot.





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Re: Why can't I get infinity

I have two friends who have exactly the same problem! (Probably different location to @Mark52 though)


One of them is on Dickleburgh exchange cabinet 10 and BT's DSL checker says they can have fibre if looked up by full address, but not by phone number. (Same for their neighbours but one of them HAS managed to order fibre)


Screenshots from DSL checker for same property:





The other is on Dickleburgh exchange cabinet 8 which previously showed as live for addresses and phone numbers but now has mysteriously gone un-live for both, even though I know of at least three people on the same cabinet with live fibre.


Screenshot from DSL checker for a property that's actually LIVE with fibre right now:




Both cabinets are new and have only been live for a month or so.


Do these cabinets have incorrect records in some OpenReach database somewhere?

If so, how do @Mark52 and I get our cabinet records 'corrected'?


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Re: Why can't I get infinity

write to openreach


if you get auto reponse then send again until you get an actual person responding

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