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Why can't i just see the contract end date?

Simple as. I just want to know exactly when the contract ends so I can be rid of BT.

I had an email saying I was coming to the end of the contract and there are great offers for me (which involved paying £5 a month MORE for exactly the same package!) but no indication of when it will happen.

It should say somewhere in account management when it ends.

I had to travel through my bills to get a rough idea and the roughly calculate it but even then I don't know what BT considers to be the end date.

I could call but I don't want to deal with BT at all and I certainly don't want to deal with explaining why I want to leave etc.

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Re: Why can't i just see the contract end date?

Yes, this is a contentious issue with BT customers who have to trawl back through their original orders to find what the contract end date was set as. The reminder letters / emails advising the approaching end of contract are in response to the regulator requiring firms to notify customers whose terms may be about to change by default (often to an inferior deal). It seems to me that by omitting the key date from these notifications, BT is demonstrating compliance with directive but missing the spirit of what is intended, i.e. maximum clarity and transparency for the consumer. 

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