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Why do BT call centre staff lie?

I joined BT in July 2012, it's now December and I don't think I've had a month where I've had to contact BT about some error they've made.


The latest one I have rang and spoken to about 10 people about, but it still isn't solved. So I thought I'd try here:



When I joined BT I wasn't sure which broadband package to go on, I was advised to choose the cheapest because I would be notified via email if I got close to the broadband limit, and I could upgrade then.


I never recieved any notification, so when a £45 charge for over using the broadband appeared on my bill for October I was a bit shocked.


I rang BT and (after being put through to several people) was told that notifications were sent via email, but I then discovered that they had been sent to the wrong email address, so I didn't get them. I had given the right email address to BT several months before, which they definately had because they sent my bill notifications to that address.


When I explained this to the BT call centre person they said that the £45 charge would be taken off the next bill. I couldn't afford to pay an extra £45 and wait for it to be refunded, so the BT person said that I could cancel my direct debit and then just pay over the phone the remainder. I did this and thought it was then sorted.


And then my bill for November arrived!!! For £78!!!! The £45 was still on it, with a demand that it needs to be paid straight away. I rang BT again, the first person put me through to someone else without telling me, the second person put the phone down on me! I rang back, got put through to several other people, having to explain the whole thing each time.


I eventually asked to speak to a manager, and he's exact words were: " I'm sorry about that, I've just now removed the charge for you." I thanked him and asumed it had been done.


My bill was due to be paid on Dec 4th, now with one thing or another I forgot to pay. I remembered this morning (5th) and had intended to pay this evening. But I got a call today at work from my husband (who was at home). They had cut off both the phone and the Internet!!!


This is thorougly disgusting, I have recieved no phone calls, letters or emails to say this would be done, I was only a day late with payment. And to make matters worse, the only way we could get reconnected was to pay the full £78.


So what happens now? From reading some of the other threads in this forum, I can't help but think that I'm not going to see that £45 again.


I left TalkTalk because I thought their customer service was bad, but BT are making them look fantastic right now...


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Re: Why do BT call centre staff lie?

Welcome to the forum.  Sorry its bad news that brought you here Smiley Sad


BT and DD's have many dragons judging by this forum.  I would advise you to pay quarterly, then what you see is what you pay for. Any hassle with that, you ring billing and they will correct the error.


Back to your posts Q though:  Iwould contact one of the forum mod team and I'm sure they will sort it.


Totally honest about this, CS via the phone doesnt impress me.  The mod team on here are 100% on top of their game.

Id contact them.

"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: Why do BT call centre staff lie?

You can contact the moderators here.

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Re: Why do BT call centre staff lie?

Hi Ratty73,


I was also treated very badly by BT customer service. They lied to me several times and charged me for something that havent even existed.


I am thinking about taking them to court.

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Re: Why do BT call centre staff lie?

I agree. They have the worst customer service I have ever had the misfortune of suffering. I've got to the point where I would rather have no phone or broadband than put myself through the hell of dealing with BT. Every call gets a different set of answers, they are clearly just making it up as soon as they go off script.

They really are the worst comapny in the UK for customer service, no one else even comes close. Even Santander will send you some wine or a voucher as an apology, but BT just don't care, the only time you get decent service is before you sign up with them or when you decided to cancel, the rest of the time they just treat you like an inconvenience.

I'd recommend cancelling and looking for a broadband provider with a decent customer service rating instead.

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Re: Why do BT call centre staff lie?

Michael_Swann wrote:

They really are the worst comapny in the UK for customer service, no one else even comes close.

So you've tried them all have you?


Yes, BT's customer service can be dire and frequently lets them down; a bad experience is why many regular contributors to this forum came here in the first place. But poor customer service is endemic in this country and BT do not stand out from the crowd. Just look at similar customer forums.


Complain by all means, but it's best to avoid wild, unsubstantiated claims that just skew the perspective and don't advance the case.

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