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Why do exisiting customers get shafted so much when moving or trying to upgrade?

Quick summary will try not to bore you.


Was with BT Infinity at my old address paying £20/mnth, fair enough. Moved home halfway through my 12 month contract, thinking that it would be a simple switch over. WRONG. You will have to take out a new 12 month contract when you move or pay up your remainder and move to a new provider (would have cost £230 to do so).


So against my better judgement I accepted a new 12 month deal, HOWEVER it was going to be £20/mnth for normal broadband as "We do not have the line capacity currently at your new address for any higher speed, but in a few months infinity should be available and you can upgrade if you want."


So roll forward less than two weeks after I move in low and behold my line can now handle Infinity. The cost to upgrade? £26/mnth plus a new 18 month contract. New customers are being offered it for £9.50/mnth on a 12 month contract.


I appreciate that all providers offer deals to new customers to attract them but that difference is an absolute joke. To top it all the normal broadband speed is pathetic and I'm lucky to average 2Mb, at time its as slow as dial up. Its like going back in time to 1998 at busy periods.


Can't wait till this conract is up so I can ditch these robbing *****. 

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Re: Why do exisiting customers get shafted so much when moving or trying to upgrade?

Contact UK Customer options on 0800 800 030, they may offer a better deal.

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After a catalogue of errors including taking 3 months payments from my bank account after I had moved to another provider, I have had to fight for the repayments.

At least 3 times they sent me adjusted in credit final bills.

I have received 2 repayments but in spite of having a correct final bill showing this final repayment, the money into my account has not arrived.

I have spent about 10 hours on the phone discussing this case, and been promised that the outstanding amount on about 6 occasions over the last three months, but without success.

The call centre operators all promise different things and talk about malfunctions in activating this refund.

It becomes obvious that they are lying to a well rehearsed plan.

I am considering a small claim court civil redress. It will be interesting to here bt defend there dealing in this matter as I have documentary evidence of the amount of the refund in the for of bt bill and an text message from India call centre.

Will let you know the outcome


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