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Why do we all moan acout the speed on asdl broadband......

You know in this day and age we should all know that broadband is a tricky buisness where diffrent companys have good working lines and some are upgrading others dont.The main thing with all is the wires that connect our houses from there exchange.From the first days bt have a copper wiring system.Which means telephone is ok but broadband can be slow or even non-existant.Thats why we all want super fast fiber yet it is still the asdl copper lines using this.Ok some of the wireing may be fiber coated but from there end at the begining of the exchange and where your house is from cabinet to modem,it is again copper at there areas too.Bt and others are making a connection to connection begining to end with only fiber used.But until that day where the areas home and buisness are all dug up,had the fiber wired dropped down into the earth beneth our feet im afraid some are lucky a good speed,while a neighbour can be slow and the usual broadband speed no matter what the cost.Now cable was a thing good in 1995,when the net first started,for half of uk.Ok to start it was 1meg and 2 but its increased.There service completly is fiber to fiber door to door.Thats why they have cable and already most of half of uk dug up.But im afraid the company we had take over in 2008 or so are dull,unimaginable,trying to flog a dead horse with 6 month frills,and deals.When they do have a good service but try to outweigh any good-doing buy the speed being slow again,slugish when all they have to do is sort out a couple of things to have it run right......cable is a luxury if it works 120meg and a decent price.We should have there cables rented out to bt say except branson,on Johnathen ross  in island life 24 hours...See uk dont moan complain about slow,stop,freezing pics as its all down to you..You pay tax and so on,let these companys keep the man in the street waiting.ste

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Re: Why do we all moan acout the speed on asdl broadband......

Speed of broadband depends on the distance of location most of the time.

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Re: Why do we all moan acout the speed on asdl broadband......

Cable isn't FTTP. Cable is FTTC then Coax Cable from there to the premises.

Also Virgin can ram as much speed down there cable as they want, problem is the throughput on it is always lower as there cable TV service traffic that is pumped down the same cable takes priority over internet traffic.
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