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Why does my Smart Hub restart?

My Bt Smart Hub reboots itself (probably daily).First the broadband drops out and then the router light goes green.

Does the smart hub  react to a broadband failure by resetting itself.

The smart hub is a new replacement for a unit that failed, so it feels it would be unlucky to have replaced one duff unit for another.

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Re: Why does my Smart Hub restart?

Can you try a quiet line test by dialling 17070 from your BT Landline. If using a corded phone then the test should be quiet, if you are using a cordless phone then you may hear a low hum. Please post results.

Could you post the connection stats from the hub?
Navigate to in your browser, then:
Home Hub 6: Advanced settings > technical log > information.
Home Hub 5: Troubleshooting > helpdesk.
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Re: Why does my Smart Hub restart?

Enter your phone number and post results. Remember delete number

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Re: Why does my Smart Hub restart?

What info do you need?

My broadband speed is 9 - 12 Mps and unreliable (goes down several times a day).
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