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Why does wifi never connect if i close laptop with a VPN running?

I have a problem with my laptop refusing to connect to any wifi if i shut down with vpn running.


I use cyberghost as a precaution when using public hotspots, but whenever i close my laptop lid, once i get home and my laptop refuses to connect to my home wifi or any wifi and it just keeps saying 'No internet' in the wifi panel, even when ive closed cyberghost it still says the same thing. This is frustrating because only way i can get round this is by system restoring windows so is the VPN altering my settings? What is going wrong and how can i mend the problem in future without using system restore? Scratching my head here so any help appreciated thanks   

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Re: Why does wifi never connect if i close laptop with a VPN running?

What happens if you close Cyberghost before you close the lid on your laptop.


Have you checked to see what is happening when you close the lid. Does it turn off your laptop or does it put it into hibernation/ sleep or is it set to do nothing. Check in power management.


How is your network adaptor set up. Is it set to turn off to save power? 


Have you checked in device manager to see in the network adaptor properties to see if it is running or if there are any conflicts.


Have you tried un-installing Cyberghost to see if the problem persists.  



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