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Re: Why doesnt BT Sport work with XP sp3?

If BT don't adjust their internet Sports delivery platform to "fit" a wider customer technology base, then I fear their predicted bt market penetration will never be met, while Sky have got an internet sports product that works for most customers' existing equipment technology, and has established such a presence in the UK during the 22 years that have elapsed since it's launch of Sky Sports in 1991.

My own situation can be resolved by "borrowing" my wife's Apple i-Pad, but I still maintain that BT have shot themselves in the foot, with their blinkered stance that their higher tech internet feed will seriously challenge Sky's market penetration - especially when the British economy is currently struggling to stave off the harbinger of doom (return of another recession), that has a significant wallet & purse tightening effect 😞          

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Re: Why doesnt BT Sport work with XP sp3?

In 6 months XP will reach end of life and drown in an ocean of malware. It's not worth any significant effort for a few months payback.
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Re: Why doesnt BT Sport work with XP sp3?

I find all these references to minimum system requirements  for the on-line player very confusing. Silverlight requirements are quite low - Windows X86 or x64 1.6-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor with 512-MB of RAM and BT speed requirements are also far from demanding. My old Phillips laptop runs XP(SP3) with a 1.6 ghz processor, 2gb of RAM and I can operate the on-line player without any problems. Why are so many BT customers being advised of the need for such a high PC specification when it clearly is not needed?


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Re: Why doesnt BT Sport work with XP sp3?

Same problem here. Keepi getting the '19' error & keep trying to tick/untick the internet clock!

No mention made when I signed up that known probs with XP (SP3) would cause issues. I can watch every other stream (that i've tried) on the net, but so far no joy with BTSport. 

Another time the player will just keep 'rolling' & never actually start. Tried with IE & Chrome

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Re: Why doesnt BT Sport work with XP sp3?

Funnily enough I recently tracked a long term BT Retail Servers problem within a few hundred yards of my home - so I am hoping that is now the reason I can't get live Bt Sports/ESPN on my DELL or Packard Bell Media computers. Still can view their pre-recorded video stuff, which is frustrating to say the least. BTW, no one from BT mentioned this issue, which is another hole in their comms chain! 😞 

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Re: Why doesnt BT Sport work with XP sp3?

I also have XP with sp3 and have also been having same problems. After many hours research I have boiled it down to the following:

There are 2 issues it appears:

1) XP is no longer supported by Microsoft WEF April 2014. BT Sport requires Microsoft Silverlight in order to run. 

The last Silverlight product that was available that was compatibble with Windows XP is Silverlight 3. if you download the latest Silverlight 5 it cannot be removed via the usual Add/Remove program method in XP. It also erases all previous versions and nowhere can I find available to download Silverlight 3 or 4.  MY ADVICE if you have Silverlight 3 on XP whatever you do do not update to later version. I do not know if it will help you run BT Sport, but the later versions will definitely not work. 

Being cynical I suspect this is part of Microsoft grand plan to get XP users to convert to Windows 7 or 8 and buy new software. I will be converting to Google Chrome instead. 


2) Apparently if you have a pentium 4 processor this is too out of date to support the latest Silverlight 5. 


Therefore if you have Windows XP with pentium 4 ( top spec about 2006) I have concluded I ( and possibly you too) cannot watch BT Sport. Please if anyone knows any different I would be most grateful to know. 




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