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Why hasn't BT Openreach installed a FTTC cabinet on my road yet?

My exchange GRAVESEND is already enabled for FTTC and I have been noticing that on other roads close by, they already have FTTC cabinets already installed next to their existing BT cabinet.


On trying many different phone numbers and addresses in my area on the BT Infinity cheaker it appears most of them are able to order BT Infinity right now! My phone number now say 30th June 2011. I guess that BT automatically delay it by 3 months if the cabinet isn't built or ready.


I know exactly where my cabinet is and I don't know why BT Openreach have not installed a FTTC cabinet there yet, theres plenty of space where one can go. I'm also on one of the main roads.


I have also checked the Gravesham planning permissions site and theres no record of almost all of the FTTC cabinets that have already been installed in my area, it seems only the ones in town or in a conversation area have a record and therefore needed planning permission, My cabinet is not in either of those categories, what is the problem?


I wish BT Openreach would include a list of cabinets to be installed as the exchange list doesn't really tell the whole story.

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Re: Why hasn't BT Openreach installed a FTTC cabinet on my road yet?

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