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Why have i been charged?

I have to say, this last 2 months have been the worst of my life Woman Sad


I have recently had 2 miscarriages, and thought life couldn't get much worse... but just as im starting to move on with life,

BT kindly WRONGLY charge me £129.99 Engineers visit..


The fault i reported, was i keep losing any tone on my home phone- completely dead..

So, i test with a normal plug into socket phone- still dead.


Our Fibre is upstairs and is working ok-ish, but dropping out alot.

Anyway, guy comes out and is very polite and pleasant... i get my diary out because when my partner isn't here , i always write anything technical down so i can tell him and for piece of mind/history of faults etc...


BT guy comes downstairs after 10 or so minutes and tells me that the fibre installed upstairs was not done correctly to start with - at that time , my partner walks in the door and he also tells him what the issue was.

He followed up by saying that not all the guys who work for BT/Openreach know what they're doing when it comes to a fibre install, and that we wont be charged a visit fee- as the job was never done correctly.


So, thats that as far as i'm concerned.

There is no way im paying for something which is totally unfair and unjust.

Can anybody here help or does anyone agree with me?



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Re: Why have i been charged?

No doubt the forum Mods will post  the usual link for you to contact them.

Please be aware that it takes 3-5 working days for them to reply following the initial contact.  They will get things sorted for you.

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Re: Why have i been charged?

Hi sc00bid00


Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details and we'll look into why the engineer has raised this charge. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Why have i been charged?

Hi Neil,

Thankyou for your reply, i have sent on the information you requested.

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