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Why is BT click-bating me?

Got an email from BT with a "personalised offer for you, based on the services you have with us.", I thought hmm this is interesting let's click.

BT's offer was for "Unlimited Anytime Calls Add-on" for £7.95 or "Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls Add-on" for £3.20. The third option was "No thianks".  So I clicked the No thanks and it took me onto the next screen which looked like it was trying to sign me upto broadband with an estmated speed of 3-7mb.

I am already on BT Infinity at 38mb, why would I want to downgrade my package.


This "personalised offer" is no such thing and very Click-Baity if you ask me.


BT if you are going to use the wording "personalised" then please do make it "personalised".


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