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Why is BT slowing down my broadband 😑😑😑

I have been with bt for about 8 months and have had nothing but trouble with my broadband. 

My speed keeps dropping off 

My second router from bt is just as bad as the first, I hoped the new router would sort out the problem but no. It keeps disconnecting my phone also I am sure bt are weakening my wifi signal.

I was getting 49mbps on one channel with 90% signal I had to change channel after a couple of weeks as the signal dropped to 70% and speed dropped off to. The new channel I got 90% signal and speed back up to 49 Mbps. Now the speed has dropped of to 25mbps, I have been through all the channels and all channels now are at 60% signal and 25mbps speed. This is all on the 5gh side and ping was around 30.

I tried the 2gh band on one channel and had 95% signal and speed of 35mbps and ping was 200 plus. I changed to a different channel to see what I could get 98% signal speed was 48mbps and ping over 350. I tried one more channel but this was worse so went back to the channel that I had the fastest connection but doing another test the ping had dropped to 22 signal was still 95% but speed had dropped to 11 Mbps. 

I am now getting completely fxxked of with BT doing everything they can to slow my speed down. 

I have complained for about the 10th time now and am having to wait 72 hours for someone to ring back. I will be asking for a total refund for the broadband package that I am paying for and not getting, plus I want them to stop doing what ever they can to slow down my broadband.

very very very pxxxed off customer.

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Re: Why is BT slowing down my broadband 😑😑😑

BT can't influence the WiFi signal in your property. They are only supplying you with BB to your router.


Wireless can be v. unreliable & variable. The only sure way to get the best outta BB is connection by Ethernet.


Please post your full Home Hub router stats
Learn how from here Broadband Top Tips


Full router stats are key to any speed & connection issues.


What does BT Broadband Availability Checker estimate for your phone number? Post just the whole table and the line above it, blanking out your phone number. If it doesn't recognise your phone number, use the Address Checker, not the Postcode Checker.

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