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Why is my Infinity 2 speed lower then Infinity 1 speed ?

I pay for Infinity 2 speed of up to 76 Mbps which i feel should be around 60Mbps allowing for weathers & traffic times and yet I get between 44 & 48 with cat cable to the hub which is only about 7ft away from me now and in view a cross the room.


I have done test tonight with BT site with wireless and cabled and both times it tells me that I have many items linked to the hub when i only got BT TV which I taken off and one laptop so why is it telling me that i have too many items linked?


I live under 1/4 mile away from a BT exchange as the crow flys and I do not share a phoneline and go from copper line to fiber in about 200 yards i was told when i had the broadband fixed in with BT youview box.


I had a new box put in and line around my home from outside and was told that i should get around 59.8Mbps when it was put in and i got around 66Mbps for about a month then from they it has dropped slowly over time yet BT has put Infinity 1 speeds up over the time.


i have had many fixes done by BT at the exchanges because of troubles i have had with BT TV and broadband over 19 months.


Infinity 1 as now got max speed of 52Mbps which means that I am getting near to that speed max then my 76Mbps.


I feel that my speed is not right for my area and were i am on the local network and 30Mbps diffrence from the 76Mbps thats means that I getting just around 50% ?


is my speed being taken down to allow for BT TV by the hub 5 ?

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Re: Why is my Infinity 2 speed lower then Infinity 1 speed ?

In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

Then, if you have a HH5 can you go to hub manager then trobleshooting then helpdesk and post lines 1-12
Could you please post the results from the BT Wholesale speed checker, including the further diagnostics.



BT TV will take priority if you are watching an Internet delivered channel, or recording one, so you will notice a drop in download speed, but your connection speed will not be affected.



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