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Why is the search function still hopeless after all this time?

In the good old days, Yahoo! could find anything, anytime. You just had to put what you were searching for in the box and click 'Search' and Hey Presto! the results were there.  It didn't matter when it was or if the term was in the subject line or the body or if you were searching for a sender.  Now it only finds people who've sent me an email or by the subject line.  If I use the 'advanced search' and search for something in the body of the email, even if I narrow the time period down to a week or so, it takes an age and comes up with 'Empty Search List'. How long do we have to put up with this?

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The advanced search box never finds a word in the body of the text.

When I use the advanced search box I can never find anything by searching for a word in the body of the email. I have tried to make it easier for the computer by narrowing down the time period to look in, but it still won't find a word in the body of an email.

In the old system you just had to enter a word in the search box and all the emails with that word anywhere in them were found.

Thanks for reading.

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