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Why take weeks for BT to reconnect an emergency phone line in the residential lifts!!

I own a flat in Acre House, Sale, M33 7GG for letting purpose.  On 20 May 2018, a poor man was trapped for 5 hours inside one of the 3 lifts.  During the trapping, he kept pushing the rescue button but to no avail at all.  After this,  Regency Residential, the building management company, discovered that the emergency telephone lines inside all the three lifts in the building were disconnected by BT for some unknown reasons.   And then they stopped all the lifts for several days for maintenance, and then only resumed 1 lift as Regency had put in a mobile phone line there as a temporary measure.  Today 12 June 2018, all the 3 lifts are out of service again.  It is the 24th day we have waited for normal lift service to resume.   The only update from Regency is that they are still waiting for BT to reconnect the lines, without which to reopen a lift would be unlawful, but then no time table was even given by BT.   Regency also said since they are a small company, they are getting low priority from BT.    I wish to know why it has taken weeks for BT to reconnect 3 simple telephone lines, and how much longer we need to wait.   Now all the tenants have to climb the stairs, up and down the 8 floors, with their babies, young children, old people, prams, shoppings, luggage.   Would BT please look into the situation and feedback to me soon.  Thanks, Cammy.
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Re: Why take weeks for BT to reconnect an emergency phone line in the residential lifts!!

from your description this is a business problem not residential and up to your management company Regency Residential to sort out with their provider

The phones are maintained by openreach not BT retail.

This as it says at outset is a community forum where residential customers help other customers and your post does not go to BT Reail or openreach

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