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Wi-Fi Disk not resetting after Broadband drop-out.

Good Morning,

I've just gone over to Halo 1 with a Smart Hub 2 and a black Wi-Fi Disk, having previously had Halo 1 with a Home Hub 5 and a BT610 Wi-Fi extender.

The new system gives much improved Wi-Fi around my bungalow, but there seems to be a snag.

I live in a rural part of East Sussex where we get a broadband drop-out for a few seconds at least once a week.

This has never been a problem, because the old system always reset itself without any action on my part.

I now find that, whilst the Smart Hub 2 resets itself OK, the Wi-Fi Disk always locks out (red light) and needs a manual reset.

This is particularly annoying as I have to connect it to the hub with an ethernet cable each time to do the reset.

I was also planning to have the Disk up in the loft for best coverage and obviously don't want to climb up there each time a reset is required!

Am I doing anything wrong, or do the new Disks always lock out on loss of signal from the hub?

Many thanks for any guidance.


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Re: Wi-Fi Disk not resetting after Broadband drop-out.

Just to add , I should have made clear that the red led on the disk is flashing after the hub has reset after a break, also that I've tried factory reset to no avail.
I notice several posts about these Wi-Fi disks, so I'm not alone with problems, although I do realize that nobody posts to say how good they are, so it's only the problems that make it to the forum!
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Re: Wi-Fi Disk not resetting after Broadband drop-out.

Hello again,

Is there nobody out there who can help me, please?

I really don't want to have to return to my Home Hub 5 as, when it all works, the new system is brilliant!


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Re: Wi-Fi Disk not resetting after Broadband drop-out.

Hi @WorriedParent and thanks for posting.

Sorry you're having problems with your complete wifi connection. It sounds like the cause of the problem is the broadband dropping out. Have you had that looked into previously? Are you able to check your line for noise? Can you try connecting a handset to the test socket behind the master faceplate and dial 17070?



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Re: Wi-Fi Disk not resetting after Broadband drop-out.

Hi David,

We are very rural here (Fairlight) and the Broadband drop outs are literally once a week (if that) so absolutely no problem until we went over to the Wi-Fi disks.

It's only now, with the disks not re-setting, that the drop outs have become an issue.

That's why I ask, is this normal behaviour, or have I perhaps got a faulty disk?

I don't want to waste everybody's time by ordering a replacement, only to find that they all do it!

Thank you.


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