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Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Dish or Powerline


Just looking for some advice on how people improve their internet experience if they cant achieve a wired connection in desired areas. We have Fibre 100 and when wired to the main hub we achieve between 100-130 Mbps DL speed and 25 Mbps UL speed. Through the mini Wi-Fi dish, we got when we had Complete Wi-Fi we achieve 100 Mbps DL and 25 UL.

My PC was plugged into the mini Wi-Fi dish and I experienced lag during online gaming. So, we bought some 300 Mbps Powerline Adapters. The speed I get through them is no more than 50 Mbps for DL and the normal 25 for UL.

Now it may be a difficult question to answer as they're using my electrical wiring in my house but am I better running at half speed (50Mbps) and using the electrical wiring as a "wired" connection or going back to wired to my mini    Wi-Fi dish at 100 Mbps? I'm presuming to stick with the Powerline Adapters.

Any advice/ideas would be great. What do you guys/girls do for your home network?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Dish or Powerline

Usually for Gaming, other than downloading the game itself and updates the ping is the most important aspect. This is what gives you the lag.

Within many games there is a way to display your current ping, the lower the better. Compare the powerline and the WiFi too see which is lower and also which is more consistant.

As for the home network, I use cable as much as possible laying flat cable under carpets and drilling through walls to to get to the swtiches where the TV/Console/Computer and for connecting two of the three Whole Home discs. 

I went through the powerlines first but having multiple points seemed to confuse it.

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Re: Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Dish or Powerline

Appreciate the reply.

The ping hasn't changed since moving to Powerline. Still around 10-12 so really good I think. I guess Powerline will be better as it's some sort of wired connection but other than getting cables under floorboards etc then this is the best I can get.



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