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Wi Fi on ship

I had occasion to travel to Belfast last week,(with Stenna line)and I normally take my IPod with me.This time,I was pleasantly surprised to find there was free wi fi access,no password required.There are certain sites you can`t access and you are cut off after 1 hour,but can log on again straight away.There is also free net access via I Pads.Makes a boring journey quite interest now.  Kenny

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Re: Wi Fi on ship

Yes , great isn't it. They offer it on other routes too.


Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected throughout your journey onboard Stena Line’s Superferries to Holland.

You can easily stay connected and up to date with family, friends or colleagues dated on Stena Line’s Superferries to Holland with free WiFi throughout the ship and satellite mobile coverage all the way to Holland.

Simply pick up a WiFi access card when onboard to get online. The mobile satellite ensures you get great coverage on your phone too – just remember that call charges and text rates depend on your network provider.

The Living area onboard the new Stena Hollandica and Stena Britannica features a media room where you can stay abreast of the latest world news as well as an internet corner if you need to access a PC.



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