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Wi fi extender

I have BT Hub 6 . I have a BT 1200 wifi extender upstairs ( router is downstairs and the house is an old stone cottage ) I am using my computer no problems and it shows a five bar signal but the extender is showing red  ( too close ) I get the same reading in another room but I can still connect to my kindle ( not always but most of the time ) One might say if it works dont worry but I am curious why this should happen Strangely enough this did not happen with my earlier model router

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Re: Wi fi extender

You already posted about this issue here


WiFi extenders are a very poor solution, if you want to improve wireless coverage.


These are a better option

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Re: Wi fi extender

Hi Keith - you are right  I had forgotten that I had done that . I used the wi fi extender as that is what BT recommended as I followed up that post with a call to them. As I said the strange thing is that am on the web now but can't understand why ! I presume that if I try the home hotspots and its no different I can send it back? Thank you for your time

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Re: Wi fi extender

Wireless extenders (repeaters) tend to perform poorly, as they rely on receiving a good wireless signal to start with.


Hotspot devices generate their own wireless signal.


The BT hotspot 600 works well, and you should not have any issues. You may find them cheaper on Amazon.

Its worth opting for the multi kit, especially if you have two areas with poor coverage.


If you do get them, do not use the option to clone the home hub wireless settings, as that can cause issues.


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Re: Wi fi extender

thanks again - I do have two areas that I need to cover so will take your advice

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