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Wi-fi keeps dropping

Please help anyone! 🙂


A couple of days ago, after working perfectly, my wireless connection to my Home Hub stopped working.


My PC can see it is there and tries to connect and sometimes does but then drops it just as quick. The BT FON & Openzone work as does the ethernet connection (which i've been using in wi-fi's absence)


I've tried making new connection with both XP config and the BT disc but all end up with same result.


One thing i did notice was that when putting the Wireless key in to XP config and when i go back after it has failed - The little black password dots dont match the amount of digits in my key!!


i know im putting it in right and havent changed it at all but just in case it had changed i went to hub manager and changed it to something new just to see if i get the same response and darn it i do!!


Everything now is back to original default settings but i cant get on still.




Please help

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Re: Wi-fi keeps dropping

The FON and Openzone operate without security until you log on so it suggests that is where the issue lies.  The number of black dots when it comes back does not equal the number of letters you typed for security reasons.


Are you using the same security on the PC and the hub - both should ideally be WPA.



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Re: Wi-fi keeps dropping



Try Changing the channel of the Hub by logging to and see if it resolves the Issue

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Re: Wi-fi keeps dropping

How bizarre! I was on a 24hr shift at work and went home with both of your messages in mind.

I re-enabled my adapter as i had been annoying so i disabled it and low and behold it connected to my wi-fi and hasnt dropped the connection since!


Nothing has changed at all?!?! Still i'm happily up and running again. 



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Re: Wi-fi keeps dropping

It could be worth changing channels. I had a similar problem with my wife's laptop, but no problem connecting my PC.
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