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WiFi Call Problems

Trying to set my Father up with a Motorola G7 Power supplied by and on a BT plan.

I specifically ordered a package so he could use BT WiFi Call around his house as no 4G signal indoors.

He is not tech minded, and I am 120 miles away, and was hoping for a reliable bit of kit, but the G7 keeps dropping the Wi Fi connection to the router or just won't make WiFi calls as it should.

He has only had the package for a few weeks, and I'm now reading that the G7 has issues with WiFi?

If this is going to be an ongoing problem, how can we get him a more reliable handset from BT without more costs?

Surely the G7 is not fit for purpose?

Anyone else having issues with this phone?




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Re: WiFi Call Problems

Hi @Christine 

An alternative to wifi calling is to ask BT for a Signal Assist unit. It connects to the router and produces a 3G  signal up to 15 metres. It costs just over 20 quid I think but BT have been known to issues them free of charge. I have one and in my opinion it's far more reliable that wifi calling.

It also may be an easier solution than rather trying to change or sort the problem with the Motorola, it's never easy when you're some distance away.

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Re: WiFi Call Problems

Thanks for that Andy, will bear that in mind.

Waiting for the helpdesk to call my father to talk through the issue, but I fear they will be of little use. My iphone connected seamlessly several times when visiting yesterday, while his new G7 dropped the connection several time and refused to call anyone 

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Re: WiFi Call Problems

Which BT hub does your father have? If dual band have you split the wireless networks

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