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WiFi Speed on BT Smart Hub 2

Hi, I have BT Complete with a Smart Hub 2 and one disc, all works OK and I can connect around the home, however I find the WiFi speeds are very low, can anybody advise.

My network is 1Gb and I get that speed when I connect using a Lan cable, its around 922MBs using iPerf. 

But testing via Wifi I can only get speeds of 140MBs, is this the maximum speed a BT Smart Hub 2 will work at???

I have to use WiFi for my laptop and iPad as they are both WiFi only, the laptop has a 1Gb wifi card so will work at higher speeds but this hub does not seem capable of working any faster.

If this is the best speed I can get from this hub then if I purchased a different router with faster wifi can I connect it to the BT Hub and just use the wifi with the higher speeds around the home for my laptop and iPad, with the new router connected to the BT Hub via Lan cable to give me 1Gb up to the new router.

Hope this makes sense and any advice would be really helpful as I am trying to stream video from my CCTV to iPad and laptop but there is so much Lag and Latency the pictures are not worth viewing and its so frustrating.


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