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WiFi calling not working Samsung S10e

I can't seem to get my phone to work with wifi calling. It's a Samsung s10e I only got it this year. I was on o2 previously and WiFi calling worked fine then, but I have just switched to BT

I don't get any (o2, EE, none of them) mobile signal inside my house, something to do with the foil insulation in the roof and the floor of the extension. ever since I build the extension I've been reliant on wifi calling to make and receive calls in the house

spent about an hour on the phone on friday and an hour yesterday. the outcome of the firs call was to wait until my old number ported accross on monday as "it'll probably start working then"  (it didn't)

and after yesterday I did get a garbled voice message left which I could barely hear and it sounded like the guys expert diagnosis was maybe o2 have locked the wifi calling part of the phone  (even though I bought it fully unlocked (not from 02)

when I pull down the menu and tap on wifi calling I can turn this on or off, but no matter what state it's in I never get the wifi calling symbol to appear in the top bar, and when trying to make a call inside it says "not registered on network, please connect to cellular of WIFI"

If I want to make a call in my home now I'm forced to use whatsapp, which works fine.

the phone is definitely connected to WIFI and I have just done a speedtest and its 25mb/s down and 3mbps up

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Re: WiFi calling not working Samsung S10e

the third time I spoke to customer service the guy explained that BT WIFI calling will only work if you have bought the phone from BT.  something to do with the fact that they aren't a real network provider like O2 or EE and don't really know what they are doing?

I really don't think they should advertise WIFI calling on a sim only package if it's not guaranteed?

I switched to EE (at least they allowed me to cancel the contract as it wasn't working) and WIFI calling worked right away with the EE sim, and as a bonus it was £3/month cheaper with more data (£10 for 10GB with EE 24month contract) compared to £13/month with BT(£13 for 6GB 12months contract)


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