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Width of conduit for FTTP

Hi - just ordered FTTP - my house is set back from the road up a long drive - a BT telegraph pole is half way up the drive but from there the existing BT line goes underground for about 50m to my house.  The BT engineer tells me I have to lay ducting down from the pole to the house for him to run the fibre through.

A couple of questions:

1. What width conduit/ducting do I need - will 25mm be enough ? Don’t know how wide fibre is !

2. I want the fibre to enter the house at the rear - if the duct runs to the front of the house will the engineer be able to run it round the house - just thinking of whether fibre can be bent around corners


advice appreciated




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Re: Width of conduit for FTTP

Standard OR duct in residential settings is around 2" (50mm) , so something this size may be better, also install a draw rope .

Fibre cables don't like tight bends , they have a minimum bend radius, so try and avoid a cable run that would have tight bends in it

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Re: Width of conduit for FTTP

Although they do give homeowners the option to put the duct in themselves so you don’t have to pay for Civils Construction costs Openreach should supply you with the Ducting.

I’d call the Planner dealing with it and check they will supply it. They should arrange the delivery to your house or may tell you where to pick it up from.
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