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Wifi Connection to Icloud

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Ive got an unusual error with my home wifi - it will no longer connect to the icloud? Apple have checked everything and its not their end - as when i turn off wifi on the phones and connect to 4G it connects without issue. 

My hub and broadband is working without any other issue as im working from home on various websites - connected all over wifi. its just the icloud it doesnt like and keep stating there is an issue

Apple have tested everything and say its def not their end - and as I can connect via 4g demonstrates its not an icloud issue

Trouble is to back up the cloud - you need need to be connected to wifi - so im stuck.

Any ideas - ive rebooted the hub etc and still nothing

kind regards

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Re: Wifi Connection to Icloud

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Check that BT Web Protect or BT parental controls have not  been activated, as they can block some sites.

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Re: Wifi Connection to Icloud

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Thank you it was the parental controls 

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Re: Wifi Connection to Icloud

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Many many thanks, this was driving us mad. Apple help line spent 7 hours checking all our Apple kit and found no fault. BT engineer came round and checked all the BT side of things but nothing would make the iphone and ipad talk to the iCloud. Parental controls!!!
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