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Wifi Constant Disconnects

My wifi without fault will disconnect when trying to game online no matter the game and it's been a issue since installation.

Speed is not a issue

Do get high jitter Possible Reason?

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Re: Wifi Constant Disconnects

Wifi is not a reliable medium, no ISP will guarantee wifi connectivity, too many possibilities for interference. Have you tried changing channels manually?

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Re: Wifi Constant Disconnects

It's a weird situation example on PS4 playing any game the game disconnects "Network Error" however if I go to the dashboard then select browser I can access the internet so i'm not fully disconnected.

Anyway yes to your question I have tried everything I know of as well when wired I still get above average jitter and now down to my last resort. That is a new PS4 the second 1 I have bought along with new monitor new cables and second hub 2 engineers so only a new router to go. I feel it won't make much difference but hey ho lets see.

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