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Wifi Speeds Really Slow



I currently have a BT Homehub 5 and 2 BT Tv Boxes on the infinity 2 package. The issue I am having is that after about a day the wifi speeds drop from 60mbs to around 10mbs. I always get speeds of 50mb+ for around 24 hours even during evenings until about 24-30 hours have passed and the speed drops. The connection is always stable and never drops and I always get full speed over ethernet. Hence its a wifi issue.


I thought the issue could be down to interferance at first so I tried changing the wifi channels to no avail. I also tried seperating the networks out into a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz but after around 24-30 hours the speeds still drop dramatically.


I am convinced that the homehub is faulty, can someone from BT please help? I have had terrible experiences in the past calling customer support so want to avoid them at all costs.



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Re: Wifi Speeds Really Slow

if you want a replacement hub then you need to bite the bullet and phone customer services


as you are aware wifi is greatly affeted by your home conditions so have you checked there is nothing interfering with the hub wifi

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