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Wifi connection issues when power line adapter is used

Hi. I have a home hub 3 and my wifi does not reach throughout our house. I therefore have installed several plug in power line adapters. However, with even just the transmitter plug plugged in, several devices have trouble connecting to the wifi. The devices can see the wifi and the wifi has full strength, but when trying to connect, the device just hangs and eventually gives up. Occasionally my devices (all Apple) do connect but not very often, and always drops connection eventually. My device is not trying to connect to the power line adapter signal because I only have the transmitter plugged in (connected to my router via Ethernet cable). I have taken the power line adapters to a friends house who is with a different provider, and I have no connection problems at all

I ended up spending about an hour and a half on the phone with T-P Link support who were very helpful. They eventually suggested that I look into the settings on my router to make it more stable, although they could not advice what settings I need to look at.

Is anyone able to advice what settings I need to change to make the wifi more stable, or is there a better way to make my wifi reach throughout my house?

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Re: Wifi connection issues when power line adapter is used

complain to customer services that your HH3 is having problems with your connection and assuming you are in contract you need a replacement preferably a hh4

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