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Wifi constantly dropping

Hi, we've had bt infinity for about 6 months now. The first 3 months were fine but all of the last 3 months the wifi has been constantly dropping every 1-2 mins, sometimes reconnecting straight away, other times taking a good 10-15 mins to find the router again.

I spoke to live chat who found a problem on our line, bt engineer came out, changed our master socket etc but this has not resolved the issue. Spoke to support again, they have refreshed our line etc but still no better.

I've tried changing and using the 5ghz, the 2.4ghz both etc changed the security settings and still does not resolve the problem.

I have also moved the cordless phone and turned off the wifi setting on the tv which may cause interference.

I believe the hub to be faulty or the firmware on it.

The firmware is:
Noise: 10.8 / 11.5


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Re: Wifi constantly dropping

Are you 100% sure that it is only the wireless that is dropping out?


If you are sure it is only the wireless and not your broadband connection, the engineer changing the master socket or Customer Services "refreshing" your line, what ever that was, will have no effect on the wireless signal.


If it is only the wireless signal does it drop out on all your wireless devices or does it only affect some of them and if so which ones?


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