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Wifi premium disc - bugs

Are the wifi discs still under active development? 

I have noticed two problems with the premium discs, but no releases of fixes since October last year: 



Although there is no configuration option for this in the webUI, I have noticed if my DHCP server is offline, the master premium wifi DISC starts running it's own DHCP server. A rougue DHCP server on a network is incredibly disruptive...


The wifi premium discs seem to, on occasion, stop forwarding DNS requests. This generally resolves eventually, but it is frustrating. If I put the discs themselves onto static IPs rather than DHCP, they seem to block all DNS queries entirely....



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Re: Wifi premium disc - bugs

@Dan-O  @PaddyB @SeanD @MurrayB 

Another plea for some reassurance and an update.  Dan, please!

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Re: Wifi premium disc - bugs

...also worth noting: 


The problems above are exacerbated by the fact the the discs can not, with the current firmware, be used in static IP mode - as when I do this, DNS on the entire network stops working for reasons not fully understood.


I can use them with dynamic addresses, but that means that if the main DHCP server ever goes down, so does the wifi, which is not ideal

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Re: Wifi premium disc - bugs

I'm sorry to say this buddy but "Welcome to a world of hurt" BT have been awful at supporting this product! If you can get out I would suggest you do so asap!
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Re: Wifi premium disc - bugs

I wonder about freeMESH - though that seems to be US only...

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Re: Wifi premium disc - bugs

I tried setting a static IP on my units last night. This failed - with the units repeatedly reverting to DHCP. 


I did, after multiple rattempts, maage to get one unit onto a static IP....however any DNS requests from a connected device were still being sent to the old DHCP lease address of the unit, which obviously did not something very screwy going on


Couldn't find a support desk email, so ended up raising a BT complaint ticket in the hope they can direct the call in the right direction! 

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