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Wifi speed on BT Smart Hub 2


I recently had fibre-to-the-premise installed, and I am puzzled about the download speeds I am getting, for two reasons. First, I didn't think they were possible without moving to Wifi 6. Second, I get weird results on broadband speed tests, depending on what browser I use.

When I connect with my Macbook Pro (13", 2019 model), via Wifi, if I use Google's default broadband speed test, I get reports of download speeds exceeding 600 Mbps. I thought that those speeds were only theoretical and not likely to be seen in practice with 802.11ac.  Can anyone please explain this? (I'm happy, of course, but puzzled.)

Second, the download speed is cut in half if I run the Google speed test using Safari (v14.1.1, Big Sur). But if I use Firefox or Google Chrome, I get the results reported above. Can the browser really make that much of a difference?  If so, which number is accurate?

Many thanks!

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Re: Wifi speed on BT Smart Hub 2

Yes, when using google's default speed test the browser can make a difference. Use 

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