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Will my YouView box from BT work if I decide to leave BT?

Hi Everyone,

From time to time we see questions coming up on the forum from customers wanting to know if their BT TV box will work, if they cancel their BT TV subscription.  We thought it would be useful to create this sticky thread to clear up any confusion.

1.  Will my YouView box from BT work if I decide to leave BT?

Yes, Freeview channels will still work on these boxes but any Extra TV channels you signed up to from BT will stop working.  You won’t be able to watch any On Demand programmes from BT, but on a YouView box you’ll be able to watch programmes from any of the other On Demand players.  Do bear in mind though that if you no longer have a BT TV subscription, anything you watch on your YouView box may count towards your Broadband Usage Limit.

2.  Will trick play (fast forward, rewind and Pause) and Record still work on my box after cancelling TV subscription with BT?

Yes, these functions on your box will still work as expected.  Cancelling your subscription will not affect these functions.

3.  Will I lose all my recordings if I cancel my BT TV Subscription?

You will lose recordings for any of the Extra TV channels from BT.  Recordings from Freeview will remain in place.