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Will someone PLEASE sort out this confusion.

A while ago I sent an email to BT regarding clearing up a confusion on my paperless bill. I received the following directly quoted reply which is by no means clear.


"I have checked your account and confirm that the bill dated 11/08/11 for £30.20. The recent bill dated 12/09/11 is your other monthly bill for £42.41.

Presently, you are on Broadband option 3 + Unlimited Anytime plan at £28.00 (inclusive VAT) per month and Line rental is on top of this, which is £13.90 (inclusive VAT) per month. So, these are your monthly charges."


So am I paying 2 monthly payments on 2 seperate bills. Or am I paying £28 for the broadband plus the line rental fee of what appears to be approx £13 or so as ONE monthly bill combined, a total of £ a month.


This is starting to get confusing to say the least. Because if I take what has been said by the person who replied to me I am now paying a total of what appears to be £70 odd per month for a service that stated £28+line rental for both bb and anytime calls when I clicked to start it.




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Re: Will someone PLEASE sort out this confusion.

Hi You can  give the Live Chat team a go, you can chat to them by clicking on the banner at the top of the "Bills & Call Packages" board.

They're open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00.

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