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Windows Mail highjacking my BT mail inbox

Any help much appreciated.


I have Vista, laptop purchased about four years ago, performance pretty good. 


While looking online at an energy bill, I got a BT broadband help message saying problem with my email, so I clicked FIX.  Next thing I know Windows Mail has opened, looking like it had grabbed all my BT inbox, then a very old broadband supplier (Orange pop, shows how old it is) window opened trying to use Orange (I thought all its programs uninstalled long ago) to send emails (not sure where or why).


I closed down Windows mail (I dont recall asking it to be my email provider).  Next time I open BT mail, I have nothing in my inbox.  I go back to Windows mail and try to drag all the emails (clearly my BT inbox) back to to BT, but I cannot do this.


How do I stop Windows mail and Orange doing this and return the inbox to BT?


Would appreciate answers for dummies please, e.g. please don't ask me to "open the Cache" without telling me how to do that!


Many thanks



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