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Windows Server 2012 R2 Anywhere Access & Website Issues

Hi everybody,


I have discussed this subject similar to: - This is one of my forum disccusions.


I am trying to set up Anywhere Access today on my Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 so that I can use this while I am away on holiday to access to my files that I needed, but somehow it comes up with different various errors (I am running this server from the BT Home Hub 5). Also, the IIS service for the Default Web Site was working a few times before, but now it's not! (I thought using this way would not be locally visible to where I go, using different internet in a different place).


Although, I am trying to focus on the Work Folders system today which is quite useful for me to use whilst I am away - but this can be the same thing with using Anywhere Access.


Anywhere Access Errors (I few errors has gone which is a good relief, but this is what I am having right now)


Anywhere Access to your server is blocked - This talks about the most important ports that have been blocked (Port 80 and Port 443 which most of the routers block).


There may be more than one router on your network - This is true, I have lots of extenders and routers. But I don't want to switch all of them off and just use only one just to get rid of this statement.


IIS Manager


In this software, which is used to manage websites from the server's output. But for some reason the Default Web Site is not running as I have checked the Bindings and in the Bindings window - it tells me there is one http port (80) and one https port (443). When I press Start, the error message pops-up saying "This website cannot be started. Another website may be using the same port." For this, I have checked all websites to see if its using the same ports, which it isn't - but in the Default Web Site unit, it all shows the same port as the main one. Although, would it be something to do with the website certificates?


This is important so that the Work Folders (or maybe Anywhere Access) works anywhere I am.


Useful Website Links (But, too lazy to read - also you may want to simplify this for me if you would like for my own understanding, because I have problems with my English)


Kindly Regards,



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