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Windows Update for Touch 2

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I just connected my Touch 2 to my laptop (Vista OS with current updates), and now the following 'Important' update wants to muck with network whatsits. Do I need this? My laptop is running like a champ, and I always hate putting things on it that mess about with network connection. I am hesitant because Alun showed me how to connect my Touch2 with the USB, and that evoked Autorun which allowed me to transfer files (music, photos) using Explorer. So easy. Didn't even have to use Synch Centre.


I'll probably not use Synch Centre if I can just use Explorer through Autorun, so do I need this update?


Microsoft Corporation - Networking - Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter

Download size: 11.1 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Recommended

Microsoft Corporation Networking software update released in May, 2007

More information:

Help and Support:


thanks in advance for your advice on this.

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Re: Windows Update for Touch 2

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Personally... if everything is working, and this update isn't a "critical security" type update, then I wouldn't bother.  I just did a little reading and there are a few posts from people who've had problems with this update, and some just not knowing what it does... it basically appears to be a driver update for syncing devices, and as I say, if everything is working fine, leave it alone.


I hasten to add... this is just my opinion, and I accept no responsibilty for any harm, loss of limb, funny rashes, or problems with your PC by taking this advice! Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Windows Update for Touch 2

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Dear Alun-the-Oracle,

Glad that I trusted my instincts on this one. I'll do a 'Hide' on it so it doesn't keep going nah-nah-nah at me. I true appreciate your advice on this.



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