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Re: Windows & iOS | Outlook Issues | IMAP Servers Not Responding



I am inclined to report a fault (which others have had no success with) but would ask any BT people on the moderator panel or elsewhere to use the facilities available to them to escalate this issue and resolve a lot of customer's issues.

Please read the many, many similar reports. BT will not do anything to help, it has been like this for years and have been asked a gazillion times to investigate - they will not.

It might be solved, eventually, as BT have restarted migration from BTYahoo (which I suspect your account is) to BTMail. However, this isn't going to happen very quickly.


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Re: Windows & iOS | Outlook Issues | IMAP Servers Not Responding

I think you will find that nobody on this forum who has offered advice/help regarding this issues have at any time suggested it is anything but a BT fault and is not an email client problem.

Just in case you are using a password that with special characters. The £  and ¬ (logical NOT) character are accepted by BT's set and change password screens, passwords containing these characters will work with webmail and BTID logins, however because these characters are not part of the US ASCII character set, they will typically not work with IMAP email clients (this is a limitation of the IMAP specifications). BT will be addressing this in an upcoming change to their password screens, and in the meantime BT recommend avoiding these characters  in passwords for email accounts. 

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Re: Windows & iOS | Outlook Issues | IMAP Servers Not Responding



Good advice regarding the passwords, although relevant in my case. I shall avoid introducing those characters at present.


Regarding the mention of the issue of client s/w, this is mentioned as a response from BT customer support on a few entries by users of the forum. I made no mention of that being advised by anyone on the forum, which of course, you are correct to reiterate. I have raised the fact that Outlook Outlook 365 was able to very swiftly connect with gmail and unable to connect with BT, suggesting the issue is with BT's server, which I think most 'moderators' have supported.

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Re: Windows & iOS | Outlook Issues | IMAP Servers Not Responding

The last time that this issue occurred I was fortunate that a BT moderator picked up on the thread, made direct contact, and facilitated an introduction to the right team(s) within BT who recognised that there were issues with the IMAP servers not replicating the password from "MyBT".


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