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Windows live mail password rejection

A bit of a strange one here had the same email and password with bt now for nearly 4 yrs and yesterday 12-03-2012 my email client windows live mail started telling me my user name or password was wrong on both my computers, but my iPad and iPhone have no problems receiving my email just my home computers, but I can access the web based version and when I did this yesterday I noticed extra security on there where you have to type in the displayed word after doing this it worked on the windows live mail until the login timed out then back to square one?????? I've tried changing the incoming and out going domains from bt Internet to bt connect etc etc etc .......... To no avail anyone have any ideas really bugging me now...
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Re: Windows live mail password rejection

Hi mcpaddy,

Are you still having trouble with this?

BT Moderator Team.
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Re: Windows live mail password rejection

Hey chris sorry for late reply I am indeed having this problem and it is getting rather annoying now could you look into this for me 

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Re: Windows live mail password rejection

I'm having the exact same problem through windows live mail. Is there a solution? BT desktop help recognises the password problem and corrects it but then it returns again. Would appreciate some help.
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