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Wired& wireless connection terribpe

Hi anyone that can help,
Been having trouble with our BT homehub 4 on the gaming side of things. Basic tests with command prompt on PC and detailed tests on my Xbox one claim I have good latency
(66ms) from a wirelessly connected Xbox one test
And ping results to from cmd prompt from an Ethernet connected PC with time of (43ms average)
I play Cs:Go on my PC along with a few mobas and rainbow six siege and even Minecraft and they all end up lagging me out of games with upwards of 4000 at majority of times. I've tried swapping out the Ethernet cable, port forwarding and even putting my xbox one in the DMZ with its own IP address and still get the same problem regardless of how many/few devices are connected. We have had 5 technicians out attempting to help out but they constantly change their minds with whether or not its our ends fault or theirs. Getting to the point of being 2 months without a decent connection for devices and its only been happening for 2 months, before that everything was fine even while people streamed in my household.
Also I'm not the most technical person when it comes to testing any other way so if I gain help simplify it for me please.
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Re: Wired& wireless connection terribpe

Hi @LewisG95


Welcome to the BT Community Forums.


Folk in the community may be able to help if you post results from the top tips described here:


Of particular interest will be your router stats, but it'd be good to do a speed test with a wired connection, and try a quiet line test too.




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