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Wired connection to PC

Hello. I need some suggestions of how I can improve my internet connection due to poor gaming experience. There is a installed Open reach box from which my modem is connected. From modem I have 2 extenders going through the house and one of them connected to my PC, and 2 BT discs. I have Fibre 250, but after quarantine I want to upgrade to Fibre 900. There is a problem, because latency/ping is very unstable and I believe it is caused by the connection from BT entender to PC instead of going directly. 

This is a link to my latency/ping test, where it is clearly visible:

These ping spikes are making my internet useless for gaming.

As this is a new built house and I HATE wires all over the corners and etc - I won't want to put 25 metres wire from modem to PC directly. I believe there are lots of people like I am, but I am interested if there is a solution for that?

I was reading about making station of PC standing near the modem and connecting PC station to monitor and USB extenders to connect mouse/keyboard/headset. That sounds amazing, as gaming pc is also working as lawnmower with its 8 fans, but this would need again wires.. or there is some type of decision without wiring?


Thanks for any info!

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Re: Wired connection to PC

Hi @KarleonP,

Happy 4 year anniversary on the Community!

I'll give you an idea of my own Fibre 250 setup as it may help you. I'm a gamer too, both PC and console. I'm also working from home.


Office - Ethernet cable to Complete Wifi disc

PC/PS4 - 10m ethernet cable to Smart Hub 2 (tacked to walls and drilled through another wall)

BT TV Main - Ethernet cable to Smart Hub 2

BT TV Extra Box - Powerline adapters

Misc - I have an 8-port Gigabit ethernet switch for other devices


If wired gaming, direct to the Smart Hub 2, can't be done for you, try connect your PC to one of your Complete Wifi discs to see if there's an improvement versus a powerline adapter.




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Re: Wired connection to PC

BT extender or Complete Wifi Discs does not improve latency spikes at all. As I told, I don't want to have 15-20m cable all over house just for that..
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Re: Wired connection to PC

You could try powerline adapters, but I don't recommend them for gaming either.

WiFi is just as bad, depending on your house / WiFi congesion in the area.

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Re: Wired connection to PC

I really do not understand how I was able to get better performance with BT 60mb/s internet on wifi, than now on 1GB fibre fully connected. And I do not understand who can solve it or help, because I feel like having no internet...

This is currect ping test. Spikes are enormous up to 1.5k, which makes any game impossible to play.


I feel like I need to change my internet supplier as there is not a lot of use of BT Fibre 900! 😕

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