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Wired internet problems. Slowness.

My internet was fine yesterday and now it has gone extremelly slow. The ping is 2520. The Download speed is 120 KBS. 

And my Landline phone is also playing up. We called the BT helpline and said they'd check for problems and they'd call back in 5 minutes. It's been 40 minutes, they said to call '151' if they hadn't called back within five minutes, so I did and it just went back to saying 'We'll check for problems and call back in 5 minutes.'


I'm trying to load a youtube video at 240p and it's been loading for 20 minutes and it's only a quarter loaded. Usually it would go to fully loaded in seconds.


Does anyone know how to fix this? If so it would be greatly appreciated if you could help.



P.S. I've tried resetting my Router and waiting 70 seconds. Done that twice, hasn't helped. Reset my computer, hasn't helped.

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Re: Wired internet problems. Slowness.

Hello :),
Can you please post your ADSL stats by following this direct link; << it only works if you have a Home Hub 2.0+ and remember to type your password in!

Also we need a speedtest just to have a look and make sure everything's okay? Use this link,4740,5520 as it will also help you diagnose and give you a list of solutions afterwards, it does incorporate the one though as well.

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Re: Wired internet problems. Slowness.

please don't reset your router anymore as that will cause even more problems. please just post the stats requested

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Re: Wired internet problems. Slowness.

It just comes up with a screen saying

Access Error: 404 -- Not Found

But I do have a 2.0

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Re: Wired internet problems. Slowness.

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Re: Wired internet problems. Slowness.

ADSL line status

Connection information
Line stateConnected
Connection time0 days, 0:12:14
Downstream192 Kbps
Upstream64 Kbps


ADSL settings
ModulationITU-T G.992.1
Latency typeInterleaved
Noise margin (Down/Up)14.3 dB / 6.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up)38.0 dB / 22.0 dB
Output power (Down/Up)12.2 dBm / 11.3 dBm
Loss of Framing (Local)26
Loss of Signal (Local)14
Loss of Power (Local)0
FEC Errors (Down/Up)1 / 0
CRC Errors (Down/Up)0 / 2147480000
HEC Errors (Down/Up)nil / 0
Error Seconds (Local)15
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Re: Wired internet problems. Slowness.


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Re: Wired internet problems. Slowness.

Here are some helpful (I actually did find them helpful!) tips from BT:

There may also be some other stuff you wanna check out like what affects your broadband inside your home:

It is worth checking for sources of interference.

Electrical interference

As a general rule, it's a good idea to stand your modem or router on a desk or table, and not put it on the floor.

If you can, keep electrical devices five feet or more away from the router, especially:

Halogen desk lamps with dimmers
Any electrical dimmer switch
Stereo or PC speakers
Televisions, monitors and microwave ovens.
AC power cords running parallel to the telephone line
Electronic insect electrocution devices (bug zappers)
Low quality 900MHz cordless telephones
Any other emitter of high frequency electromagnetic radiation.
Radio interference

In rare cases, faulty or poorly designed electrical equipment inside or close to your home can emit excessive radio interference that affects your broadband connection. To work out whether this is a problem in your case, consider:

Does your connection disappear when some electrical equipment is turned on or used and re-appear as soon as the equipment is turned off?

If your neighbours have broadband, ask them whether they are experiencing a similar pattern of connection failure to yours, as this could indicate that there is a source of interference nearby.

Sources of interference

If you can identify the faulty equipment that's causing the interference, it may be possible to replace it or turn it off when you need to be online.

Faulty electrical equipment (usually due to a faulty or failing component within the power supply):

Video recorders
Satellite receivers
PC equipment such as monitors, printers and scanners
Electric central heating
Faulty lighting equipment:
Fluorescent strips
Seasonal lights (for example, the fairy lights on your Christmas tree), usually when the lights are in flashing mode
Garden lights
External "Hi/Lo" security lights
Street lights
Spotlights used to illuminate the outsides of large buildings


Can you comfirm if your connected at the master socket? Because if not you need to go there and connect to the test socket which is the hidden socket hidden behind the split faceplate:

NTE5 Master Socket


And also do a phone line test by dialling 17070 and pressing option 2 for the quiet line test, in the test socket without the broadband being connected.


Also this may help you if you do connect via the extensions:  The bell wire, such a nasty little thing! It's always connected to terminal three, and can be a great little menace to your broadband, causing it to interfere greatly with the speed:

Here's a guide on how to take it out using the kits site (great site aswell!)

Bell Wire removed from socket -thinkbroadband


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