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Wireless Drop Out with Home Hub 2.0

I use a Dell Laptop Inspiron 9100 with Windows XP.  It is normally connected via Ethernet to my BT Home Hub 20 (version 8.1.H. J (Type A)).

However, this week I wanted to set up the wireless connection.   All went well and it appeared to work OK but then I started to get frequent drop outs. 


I spent a few hours on the BT forum looking for ideas.

When I checked “My Home Network” on the BT Home Hub it gave “No devices detected” for Wireless. This was obviously wrong so I checked my wireless card in my DELL.  It was a “DELL Wireless WLAN 1350 Mini PCL Card”.  Its status was given as “working properly”.

I then uninstalled the DELL Wireless WLAN driver and then restarted the DELL 9100.  The driver then reinstalled on the DELL 9100   My Home Network now shows that the laptop is detecting wireless! And thankfully, the wireless connection has not dropped out since! So it was a laptop driver problem!

This might not work for you - but worth a try if you are having problems 

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