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Wireless External Hard Drive with BT Infinity on AppleMac

I would be very grateful if somebody could help


"I had BT Infinity installed and I have had my External Drive connected to the USB slot at the back of the wireless hub. But for some reason it doesn't come up on my Apple Mac Desktop wireless??? Also When I go to Airport utility it doesn't find it. Any advice to set this up?



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Re: Wireless External Hard Drive with BT Infinity on AppleMac

Hi Aykster, this shouldn't be a problem to resolveSmiley Happy

Going with the lack of information you have supplied i'll take a stab anyway.


1. How is your external drive formatted?

A. This has to be FAT formated to work with the HH3, to do this use Utilities>Disk Utilities (Obviously this will wipe everything on the drive so back it up elsewhere first), format then copy back your files (You could partition your drive, but no real reason to) This will then show under macintosh HD>shared>bthub3


2. If Your external has two usb connectors, 1 for power (from device) and one to transfer data, with just the latter plugged in it might not supply the device with enough power if you have no way of supplying it, it will not work. (usb sticks work fine but some portable drives need power if not plug powered)


3. If still not working, plug external in and restart your hub.


 If you need anymore help post back and i'll trySmiley Wink


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Re: Wireless External Hard Drive with BT Infinity on AppleMac



Thanks for the help! BT are useless when it comes to this info. I've done as you have instructed but now its asking for a user name and password and everything I type in doesn't seem to work? Is it the one on the plastic stick at the back of the router or the one BT gave me or my computer user name and password?


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