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Wireless Speed much slower then Ethernet Connection

I have Infinity1 and a Home Hub 5 and used to get the same speed on my laptop when connected wirelessly as when it was connected by ethernet.  My other wireless devices were pretty much at the same speed as well.  However, a couple of months ago the speed became pretty unreliable and all my wireless devices connected at about half the speed at best.  I contacted the helpdesk by webchat and they were unable to resolve the issue and send a replacement homehub 5, which is suffering the same issues.


My Infinity1 speed was recently upgraded to 52mpbs, and all my wirelss devices were initially running at these speeds all the time.  However, in the last week they have all dropped to around half the speed again, at best.  I realise that 26mpbs isnt exactly slow, but its just a bit frustrating that the homehub(s) used to connect wirelessly at the speed they should have been, but now are not doing so when nothing has changed that i am aware of.


If I restart the homehub, my wireless devices will connect at 52mpbs for a while and then drop off to around half again.  I do have quite a few devices connected, 2 iphones, an ipad, a kindle fire tablet, a samsung smart tv, an amazon firestick, sky wifi connector and an internet radio.  However, these devices were all connected when max speeds were being achieved.


The current home hub is set to default settings, but i did try changes the settings of the original when trying to rectify the problem, but it didnt make any difference?


Does anyone have any advice or ideas?



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Re: Wireless Speed much slower then Ethernet Connection



have you split the networks   




Split the networks





you can try downloading inssider3 (istumbler if MAC) and then run it. This will show the broadcasting networks round about you and their channels including your own. If you then enter your router and change your wireless channel to a free or less congested channel.






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Re: Wireless Speed much slower then Ethernet Connection

Thanks, I will give them a go.
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