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Wireless & email issues ** Updated 12/12/13**

Having problems with connecting wireless devices?

Try our Wireless.pngto get advice connecting using wireless.

You just need to choose the device you want to connect with, let us know what you specifically need help with and we’ll guide you the rest of the way.


You can get help with fixing a wireless problem or if you’re trying to connect using wireless for the first time, you can do that too.


We show pictures alongside each step so you know you’re doing the right thing.


Need help with your email? 


If you’re forgotten your password (it’s so easily done), you need help setting up your email or you’re having problems with your email account please follow the step by step instructions to get help setting up and fixing any email issues you’re having.


Simply answer a few questions about your email account and what you need help with, and we’ll help with the rest.


Each step includes a helpful picture to keep you right.


BT Desktop Help

You can also fix connection, wireless and email issues by downloading BT Desktop Help.


Just follow the step by step instructions on how to install BT Desktop Help, and here are just some of its features:


  • Sets up your wireless connection;
  • Sets up your email account and fixes problems;
  • Works in the background, fixing problems it finds;
  • Sets up home networks for sharing folders and printers;
  • Updates automatically, giving you the latest solutions.

We’d love to get your feedback on whether this helped you so please let us know by posting on this board.



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