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Wireless and broadband dropout

Usual problem, have a Home Hub 2 that sometimes works at full wack then puts the breaks on and stops dead.  When it stops  all the computers connected wirelessly show a good signal level but no broadband content, most recently the stoppage has also affected the wired unit as well, no broadband!


This happens at random times of the day, we are on our second Home Hub and have scanned to find local networks, no one shows up within range on the same channel.


We have shut down all electrical devices that may cause interferance and just left the computers running but still get the same intermittency, we have also run one computer at a time.


BT India are clueless, all they want to do is constantly restart or repair the connections using Windows which is not much use since we have Macs on the system (must admit the Macs hold the connection better)


Any ideas anybody, or is it another duff hub

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Re: Wireless and broadband dropout

Multiple duff hubs are not exactly uncommon any chance of try a different router to prove the point

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