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Wireless dropping out

Solved - I had the same issue with the bt home hub 3 whereby my ipad, mobile phone kept loosing the connection. The reason for this problem is because the bt-fon is set active by default on the home hub, bespite bt saying there is no problem and this should not interfere with you using wifi. Steps to solving the problem are as follows: 1) on the back of the Hh3 use a pin and press the hard reset button for 15 to 20 seconds. 2) Once your Hh3 has rebooted, log in and you should find the Bt-fon is now disabled. 3) check the wifi channel is set to smart and is using channel 1. 4) reconnect your wireless devices, eg, ipad, mobile phone. Doing this has made my connection stable and appears to be working fine now. I also powered off and on again my bt openreach box. I think the problem is the bt-fon, wifi being active is using the hubs resources and stopping the wifi signal being stable. If for any reason your bt-fon is still showing as active, contact bt and insist they disable it. I will keep monitoring my wifi and post any further issues. But it appears to be working now.

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Re: Wireless dropping out

I still appear to have this problem whereby the bt hub is still disconnecting and re connecting wireless devices such as my ipad and samsung s3 mobile phone. Bt sent me a replacement hh3 but this appears to be even worse than my previous one. I have spent a lot of time on the phone to bt to resolve this issue. I have decided to buy a new hub, Netgear 600 N and as advised by a previous post, send the hh3 back to Bt. Its a serious problem BT should look into and resolve. As im posting this my wireless connection appears to be stable and working. I will keep you posted on my progress. I am looking forward to receiving my Netgear 600n dual band hub and finally trouble free wireless connectivity for my wireless devices.
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