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Wireless not working at all, not showing as available connection

I have been with BT Infinity for 6 days with new HH6 (defected from Sky) and has been OK wirelessly but today non of our devices are seeing the HH ID to select and connect to wirelessly, we can see our neighbours routers.


I tried switching HH on and off again, changing wireless settings and saving, then changing them back and saving but still does not show as a connection to be selected. Did BT chat and was instructed to press reset button for 20 seconds but still nothing.


They have agreed to deliver another HH at no charge to me (I should think so after only 6 days) but I still would like to know if anyone has encountered this issue and managed to solve it in case it happens again on the replacement HH. The HH blue light is on and works OK connected by ethernet cable.


Interestingly the BT Smart Hub Home page shows Wireless Off but on the wireless settings page is set on and shows as On.

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Re: Wireless not working at all, not showing as available connection

Hi Mark


Welcome to the community, sorry to hear there are issues with your HH6.


Unfortunately, there seem to be quite a few threads in these forums about HH6 issues:


Standard procedure appears to be to replace them as issues arise. Of the threads I've read people seem happier with the earlier models.


You might try splitting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels:


And seeing if changing the wireless config somehow knocks it back to a happy state.


You could connect a WiFi router as an access point to the HH6 without the WiFi. Not perfect, but might save some time. There's also the option of using a different router - if you ask here, people can point to what they use. If you have Infinity 1 (VDSL), you'd likely want a VDSL modem and a home router.

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