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Wireless printer question re b, g & n

I have a HH 2 Type B and all laptops that ever use the same achieve a good wireless n connection .... router access is set to b/g/n.


I am contemplating getting a wireless printer (all-in-one) but few seem to come with both Win 7 & wireless n. If I install one that  has wireless b/g will it all work ok with the laptops keeping their stable n connection ?


I have heard this may well not be the case and I would need to set them all to g ...... any comments on that information ?



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Re: Wireless printer question re b, g & n

Home hub 2b ie reputed to have good N band unlike A which is frequently poor


Just switch the hub to G band and check its range at the greatest point you wish to use if its ok then all other functions would use N unless talking to the printer  I think

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